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Het stadswapen van Sevastopol gedurende de tijd van de Tsaren. Vandaag nog steeds in gebruik bij de bevolking van Sevastopol

White City with special status

on the coast of the peninsula Crimea and Black Sea Riviera


The Black Sea coast and thus Crimea, has been explored by the Greeks in antiquity. Near the place where Sevastopol lies now. The Dorian's

from Heraclea Pontica have founded the city Chersoneses early in the fifth century BC . 

In 1783 the current city was officially founded when Russia annexed the Crimea. In Sevastopol (the Russian B is a Latin V) has quickly built a naval base. In the Crimean War (1854-1856) Sevastopol was prolonged siege by France, Britain, Italy and Turkey. Finally the city fell in September 1855, but was freed with great heroism again in 1856.  


Grafskaja de stadspoort vanuit de haven van Sevastopol. Gebouwd in 1864 ter ere voor het bezoek van Ekatharina Tsarina van Rusland.


Een van de vele stranden rondom Sevastopol is gelegen aan de subtropische zuidkust van Fioland


During the Second World War the city was for two hundred fifty days under siege by the Germans, who, however, only managed to take the city when it was completely destroyed. Only nine buildings were left intact. In May 1944 the town was retaken by the Red Army. For the heroic defense of the city Sevastopol received the status "hero city of the Soviet Union"  that only thirteen places was given.



Stadsgezicht van de Artillerie baai in Sevastopol aan de Zwarte Zee op de late avond.



In 1954 the Crimean peninsula was attached to the Russian Republic of Ukraine. This was done by a decision of Khrushchev (Ukrainian by birth) during a banquet in Lvov. Of this event was never drawn up an official document and given the special status of Sevastopol, the city didn't belong to this challenged ruling. Because of the presence of the Sevastopol's naval base was she in a separate administrative unit assigned from the Crimea and the city is still formally under the direct authority of Moscow and has nothing to do with the capital of the Republic Crimea, Simferopol.


Uitzicht op de ruine van het middeleeuwse fort bij Balaklava even ten zuiden van Sevastopol aan de Zwarte Zee

Een moment uit de parade ter ere van alle veteranen, tijdens de Dag van Sevastopol in juni

Het huis van de jeugd in Sevastopol. Voorheen het gebouw van de SSSR pioniers. Nog steeds in gebruik waar het ooit voor gebouwd is. Kinderen


After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the efforts of Ukraine to make the Black Sea Fleet of the former USSR (SSSR) to Ukrainian state property, led to tensions between Russia and Ukraine (although Russia had the same done with respect to the parts of the old Soviet Fleet on the territory of Russia were stationed and Ukraine felt therefore free to the Russian example to act. Also the separate status of Sevastopol and the historical sentiment that many Russians harbor toward the city there played a major role. After in 1991 the population of Crimea proclaimed the "Autonomous Republic of Crimea" the independent state harshly was called to order by Ukraine in 1992, was in the Russian parliament, the Duma, even passed a law and declared Sevastopol to a part of Russian territory. In 1997 the situation was resolved when was decided to split the Black Sea Fleet in a Ukrainian and Russian part up to 2042. However, if the lease was terminated or renewal of this contract proved impossible, Sevastopol would automatically another contentious issue and added to Russia. The population of Sevastopol was never consulted in the above. 99.8 % of the population speaks Russian and feels Russian. If one asks them to their nationality, they answer was always with pride and sincere "Russian" and this at a time when almost everyone received a Ukrainian passport in 1996. At the referendum at 16 March 2014 following the Kievian coupe Sevastopol announced independence and asked 2 days later to reunite with Russia again. At March 20, 2014 became an end of Ukrainian occupation and was Sevastopol reinstated within Russia. Sevastopol has now the Special status and is equal to Moscow and Saint Petersburg within the Russian empire.


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I like to thank you very much for the service you rendered. The apartment was very good, just like the teacher and lessons you arranged for me. Sevastopol and the surrounding area is very interesting. I had a very good and pleasant stay. I hope to come back and visit Sebastopol once more in a few years. Thank you and all the best. Rob Janssen



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