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Russian language in Sevastopol

 School in Sevastopol

Stadsaanzicht van de Artillerie kade in de witte stad aan de Zwarte Zee Riviera, SEVASTOPOL


With us is a Russian training course throughout the year possible. Our school is small and cozy. Our team consists of young and motivated teachers who are all Russian, have studied Russian and English at one of 19 universities in Sevastopol, in addition they also have considerable experience in learning the Russian language to foreigners.





We recommend a course duration of at least two weeks if the choice really want to dip in the Russian language and culture, but a Russian course for beginners or experts can be booked for any desired duration. During your stay we will not only help you with the Russian language, but also to explore the culture. All courses start and finish on Saturday but arrivals and departures on any day. see our courses





The classes consist of at least three to six people. But of course you can also go for individual courses. The advantage of these small groups is that participants are working intensively with targeted personal guidance. Russian courses are taught on different levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes are from Monday to Friday



Who learns Russian, want to try his/her new knowledge also directly and actively in practice in a Russian-speaking environment. The courses are designed for you to be able to cope in different situations. We confine ourselves not only to learn the correct speech, grammar and vocabulary.





During the weekends and local holidays, no theory given. At local holidays there are organized other activities with the Russian natural priority. Such as a visit to one of the theaters in Sevastopol.









At the end of the Russian course is a certificate awarded to participants that the course actually followed. This certificate is the level and intensity of the Russian-made courses listed.



During the summer months, from May to August, we offer the opportunity to share an apartment with other students. This offers the possibility to speak Russian as a common language and to make international contacts. Accommodation is always provided in one of our luxury accommodations in the center or near one of the beaches of Sevastopol. Maximum travel time by public transport to the location of the courses is about 15 minutes.


 If you want more information about our courses click Here



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